AMI network helps city improve customer service

Village of Mount Zion selects advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network from Mueller Systems to help reduce operational costs.

Oct 27th, 2011

Village of Mt. Zion, Ill.—The Village of Mt. Zion, Ill., has selected Cleveland, N.C.-based Mueller Systems, a provider of water infrastructure products and services and technologically advanced metering systems for water, electric and gas systems, to provide an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network that will help the city to improve customer service and reduce operational costs associated with its water system. A subsidiary of Mueller Water Products Inc. (NYSE:MWA), Mueller Systems offers AMI and automatic meter reading (AMR) systems along with a full line of residential, fire line and commercial meters and related products that optimize the delivery and use of water and energy.

Mueller Systems will provide Mt. Zion with The Mi.Net Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities—its advanced two-way AMI network. The Mi.Net System enables utilities to improve operational efficiencies and customer service by fully automating the meter reading-to-billing process, and linking meters, distribution sites and control devices into a single data network. Benefits provided by the Mi.Net System include on-demand meter readings, e-mail alerts and alarms based upon near real-time information as well as the ability for utilities to better manage their water and electric resources through ongoing access to custom data and information.

Mt. Zion will use The Mi.Net System to link more than 2,100 commercial and residential water meters in its service area, enabling Mt. Zion’s Public Works Department to monitor household water consumption from its office in real time. Access to real-time water consumption data will help Mt. Zion reduce operational costs associated with collecting monthly meter reads while allowing it to better help customers understand how their water usage behavior affects their monthly utility bills. Mt. Zion customer service representatives can also receive an on-demand reading from a meter while on the phone with a customer by sending a signal from the office to the meter to answer the customer’s question or resolve a billing complaint. The Mi.Net System also provides 24/7 leak monitoring that automatically detects water leaks and alerts city workers who can promptly inform customers and dispatch service crews to make necessary repairs.

“Customer service and conservation are among The Village of Mt. Zion’s most pressing concerns,” said Grant Corum, director of Public Works for The Village of Mt. Zion. “The Mi.Net System provides us with an intelligent water system that will enable us to efficiently address these concerns while improving operational efficiencies in a way that improves cost savings and helps to ensure that our customers will continue to have access to safe, clean drinking water.”

“Mueller Systems is very proud to announce its partnership with The Village of Mt. Zion,” said Hassan Ali, vice president and general manager of Mueller Systems. “Mt. Zion’s forward thinking decision to implement The Mi.Net System is the latest validation of the operational and customer service benefits made possible by real time access to water consumption data and two-way communication with water meters. It also demonstrates the practicality of AMI to relatively small water distribution networks, and that the technology is not limited to large municipalities.”

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