Flat panel display powered by USB cable

New iKey mobile display for forklift and in-vehicle use.

Austin, Texas—iKey is pleased to announce the release of a compact, flat-panel display powered by a single USB cable. iKey’s newest flat panel display is designed for high performance in many applications, including mobile, industrial and point-of-sale. Many of iKey’s customers need a small flat panel that functions on only one USB cable which includes power and video, it’s reported”

Manufactured to iKey’s high quality standards, the FP10-USB is a 10.4-inch flat panel display built into a slim polycarbonate case. With an operating temperature of 0C to +40C, the FP10-USB is for mobile applications, including forklift and in-vehicle use.

The FP10-USB can be used as secondary or duplicate- display option with the USB driver provided. Because of its compact size and portability, it is a very good backup for critical system components.

Designed for point-of-applications, including retail cash register and restaurant use, the FP10- USB can also be used in patient rooms, mobile workstations and front desks in medical environments. This 2-pound display has a small footprint of 9.43” x 7.54” x 1.42” (w-h-d), and has a VESA mounting pattern for easy integration into most solutions. In addition, the 230-nit LED backlighting has a life of 70,000 hours.

Proving to be energy efficient by using less than 2.5 watts of power, the FP10-USB has a 600:1 contrast ratio, requires no additional video card and boasts an 800 x 600 resolution. The robust, ABS polycarbonate case is built to withstand tough conditions and continuous operation. The FP10-USB is compatible with major mobile computer solutions and provides an excellent three-piece solution when paired with one of iKey’s rugged mobile keyboards.

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