Meter data management is reliable and low cost

Itron’s meter data management solution performs large-scale benchmarks using Microsoft SQL Server.

Liberty Lake, Wash.—Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced the successful completion of another round of rigorous performance and scalability testing of its Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management (IEE MDM) product. This is cited to mark the industry’s only meter data management solution to perform large-scale benchmarks using Microsoft SQL Server. The comprehensive benchmark validates the solution’s capacity to process 500 million meter readings in less than three hours and deliver time-of-use billing determinants for a 10 million meter utility. As a result, utilities can be confident that IEE MDM, deployed on Microsoft SQL Server 2008, provides a reliable, cost-effective, low maintenance platform that supports the largest and most process-intensive deployments.

Together, Itron and Microsoft conducted a series of high-volume data tests on IEE MDM, using SQL Server 2008, with the goal of replicating the genuine demands of a 10 million meter deployment. Each test executed a “day in the life” scenario that involved processing a mix of hourly, 15-minute interval and register data—from data import, validation and estimation to billing determinant calculation and export—to support time-based pricing. These tests verified the IEE MDM and Microsoft SQL database platform performance and scalability on commodity server hardware, which ultimately lowers the total cost of ownership for utilities.

“With smart metering, our customers are collecting tremendous amounts of data. They are looking for a robust, scalable and well-managed solution. This testing confirms that IEE MDM’s powerful processing capabilities and ability to scale on SQL Server will meet our customers’ future data and budget requirements,” said Julie Hance, vice president of Software Solutions, Itron North America. “With a solution on SQL Server, our customers will save on reduced licensing, hardware, administration and support fees, which translate into substantially lower costs over the life of the system.”

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