Data management for utility companies

ITTIA’s Meter Smart Automation makes maintaining electric meters smarter, safer and greener.

Bellevue, Wash., May 5, 2011—ITTIA, a data management software company, has launched a new data management technology for utility companies—ITTIA Meter Smart Automation (MSA.) ITTIA MSA is a software solution that provides management, tracking, and maintenance of metering device assets. Natural gas and electrical utilities greatly benefit from ITTIA MSA, using consistent processes to collect meter information, enforce business rules and make informed decisions in exceptional cases.

A smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital communications to save energy, reduce costs and increase reliability and transparency. Meter maintenance and testing is critical to ensure accuracy in billing and, for electric utilities, efficient distribution of power. MSA centralizes the collection of meter maintenance and testing history (for both gas and electric,) so that faulty meters and misconfigured AMI modules can be identified before they are released into service.

The combination of ITTIA MSA and ITTIA DB SQL offers a smarter data management platform for collecting, synchronizing, tracking and mobilizing meter data. This total solution enables meter maintenance facility staff to reliably benefit from tracking, managing and mobilizing data according to business logic applied globally across each company.

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