Using the Noyes M650 Mid-Size QUAD OTDR and C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit

AFL Telecommunications introduces the M650 mid-size QUAD OTDR and the C880 QUAD Certification test kit − two new products with a host of capabilities!

The M650 is a full-featured, compact QUAD OTDR with an integrated visual light source and optical power meter with a large transflective touch screen display suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. With short dead zone and intermediate range specifications, the M650 is ideal for Tier 2 testing of premises networks.

Combining two C840 certification testers, the C880 QUAD certification test kit is designed for testing and troubleshooting both multimode and single-mode fiber links. Ideal for Tier 1 testing and certification to TIA/ISO/EN/User cabling standards and applications, each tester includes a single-mode and multimode optical light source, an optical power meter and an integrated visual light source, each of which can be used independently.

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