Utility tools: Multi-function, hand-held pressure calibrator

Utility equipment: GE Measurement & Control’s new multi-function, hand-held pressure calibrator From GE Druck Family provides rugged design with innovative swipe screen technology for easy use.

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Test and measurement equipment: GE Measurement & Control announced the new DPI 611 hand-held pressure calibrator from the GE Druck family of products. The DPI 611business builds on the legacy of the DPI 610, which has long been acknowledged as the industrial workhorse of pressure test and calibration. A robust and easy-to-use device, it is twice as efficient at generating pressure, half the size of its predecessor, and has twice the pressure accuracy and three times better electrical accuracy. The DPI 611 is the latest addition to GE’s integrated calibration and communication solutions platform and are designed for use throughout the power generation, process, oil and gas, and general engineering sectors.

The new instrument is the first dedicated pressure calibrator to feature swipe screen touch technology. Its intuitive screen interface displays a comprehensive application dashboard, and a task menu allows simple, three-touch set-up for any pressure test or calibration. A “Favorites” facility also enables quick access to frequently used tasks and custom configurations, which are easily stored. Results are displayed on the large screen and can be documented in 8GB of user memory. The instrument can automate processes to significantly reduce calibration times by running pre-defined procedures, calculating errors and reporting PASS/FAIL errors. The DPI 611 integrates seamlessly with leading calibration and maintenance software, including 4Sight from GE, to help maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations and improve process and operational efficiency.

The DPI 611 retains the comprehensive electrical measurement and sourcing capabilities of the DPI 610 and includes a 10VDC regulated supply and 24V loop power but is three times more accurate. However, it is in pressure generation where it demonstrates truly significant improvements. Its mechanical pressure-generating system eliminates the pitfalls of electro-mechanical devices and has been totally redesigned to create 95 percent vacuum or generate maximum pressure of 20bar/300psi in just 30 seconds, while holding the instrument in one hand or on a table top.

“The DPI 611 will be the new workhorse of instrument calibration, a workhorse with thoroughbred features,” said Mike Shelton, product manager at GE. “It is rugged and waterproof, light and compact and easy to use, offering reliable, fast and powerful performance in the most arduous of working conditions.”

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