Power measurement: Portable power analyzer troubleshoots power quality problems

Electrical measurement: IDEAL has expanded its line of power quality products to include the Model 61-805, a highly-portable, easy-to-use power analyzer built with the features needed to tackle today’s power quality issues.

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Voltage measurement / utility tools: IDEAL has expanded its extensive suite of power quality products to include the Model 61-805, a highly-portable, easy-to-use power analyzer built with the advanced features needed to tackle today’s power quality issues. Key features include an energy/harmonics program, an RS232 interface for fast downloading, and one MB of internal memory to allow for longer periods of testing.

Unlike the bulky power analyzers common on the market today, the IDEAL Model 61-805 is surprisingly compact. More importantly, the Model 61-805 provides the utmost versatility. It contains five testing programs in all, which comprehensively analyze the power quality issues frequently faced in commercial and industrial environments. These programs can be uploaded in the field on the same unit, and be programmed to run sequentially, saving the user time and money.

According to Jim Gregoric, Group Manager of the company’s Test & Measurement Division, the target markets for the power analyzer are large electrical contractors, heavy commercial, and industrial MRO: “Our market research has shown that seventy percent of electrical contractors are being asked to perform power quality testing, especially for harmonic distortion. IDEAL is perfectly suited to meet this demand with our broad line of end-to-end power quality testing solutions, including our new power analyzer.”

The Model 61-805 Power Analyzer’s standard energy/harmonics program measures AC Voltage; AC Current; kW (true power); kVA (apparent power); kVAR (reactive power); Power Factor; Frequency; Total Harmonic Distortion; Harmonic factorization to 51st harmonic and Min/Max. The optional disturbances program measures Sags; Swells; Overvoltages; Undervoltages; Outages; and Category 2 Transients. An optional Fast Check program combines the analysis of energy parameters with the ability to capture transients caused by motor start-ups, or other internal or external factors. The optional Check Meter program measures the energy parameters and compares these readings to on-line mechanical or electrical energy meters.

The Model 61-805 Power Analyzer comes standard with three 1000A clamp adapters, voltage leads with four alligator clips, power supply, power and RS232 cables, PowerVision® software for in-depth analysis, and hard protective carrying case with accessory storage.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES has been serving the electrical industry since 1916. IDEAL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional quality tools and supplies serving installation professionals in the construction, maintenance, data communications and original equipment manufacturing industries.

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