Cable stripper: Stripping tool offers control, safety when cutting 600V secondary cable

Utility equipment: Greenlee’s GTS-1930 Saber Stripping Tool offers control and safety when cutting 600V secondary cable.

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Utility tools: Greenlee continues to drive efficiency with the development of its new GTS-1930 Saber stripping tool, designed to cut 600V secondary cable three times faster than any tool currently in the utility marketplace.

“With approximately 40 percent of injuries in the utility industry associated with lacerations, it’s in workers’ best interest to eliminate blades when possible,” said Ryan Berg, Greenlee Senior Product Manager for Termination Tools. “One tool that is a step in that direction is Greenlee’s new GTS-1930, which replaces the need to use blades when stripping secondary cable.”

The GTS-1930 Saber is developed with a one-way barring handle that allows users to maintain control of the cutback throughout the stripping process, ensuring the blade does not come into contact with the conductor. There are no additional tools needed for cut back set up. The tension grip depth stop has a four-inch laser-etched stop for precise articulation of cable cut back.

The GTS-1930 Saber comes with a spring loaded retention pin that allows for quick attachment of cable specific bushings. Simply pull the pin and insert cable specific bushing size. Greenlee offers 39 pre-set individual bushings. Each bushing comes with a preset cutting blade for the specific cable diameter and jacket thickness. The range is from #6 AWG to 750 MCM covering multiple wire types, and jacket thicknesses, including THHN Copper, XHHW Copper, THHN/XHHN Aluminum, and RHW/RHH/USE Copper. The specific sized cable ensures a precise removal of the cable jacket.

Click GTS-1930 Saber Stripping Tool to watch a product demonstration video.

Greenlee is known as a global leader in the professional tool category. The Rockford, Illinois-based company develops high quality innovative products distinguished by customer-driven design and differentiated by supply chain excellence. Greenlee also leverages its powerful brands such as Greenlee Communications, Greenlee Utility, Sherman + Reilly, HD Electric and Klauke in the electrical, construction and maintenance markets worldwide.

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