Condition diagnosis of power transformers and more

OMICRON’s Primary Test Manager offers software-based testing and measuring of power transformers, circuit breakers and current transformers.

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The Primary Test Manager (PTM) is a support software for condition diagnosis of power transformers, circuit breakers and current transformers. The software aids the user when testing and measuring with OMICRON’s multifunctional test system CPC 100.

PTM makes condition diagnosis of primary assets faster, easier and safer than ever. Due to an integrated, high-performance database, electrical assets and the associated test plans can be managed easily.

The software guides the user through the testing process with comprehensive testing procedures and detailed wiring diagrams. Tests can be automatically assessed according to international standards and accepted industry practice.

Thus, the user achieves a high level of security in carrying out tests as well as in assessing the results. The software also automatically generates protocols based on the results that can be adapted to provide individual reports.

The combination of PTM and CPC 100 meets national and international standards, such as IEEE 62 (C57.152) or IEC 60076-1 and -3, and exceeds all measurement and accuracy requirements.

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