Multi-stage coolant additive provides engine protection

Royal Purple introduces advanced “Next-Gen” Technology to Purple Ice.

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Porter, Texas—Synthetic oil manufacturer Royal Purple has introduced a reformulated version of Purple Ice. The new formulation is an evolution of the coolant additive that now includes “Next-Gen” technology. This is cited to make it the most advanced product of its kind for lowering engine temperatures and protecting against engine build-up.

Purple Ice outperformed all competitive products compared in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) certified coolant corrosion tests and temperature reduction dyno tests. Purple Ice’s formulation is adapted from ingredients that provide demanding industrial heat exchangers with advanced cooling and corrosion protection.

Purple Ice, which is billed as a 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent, is safe for use in both aluminum and iron blocks and is proven to counter the effects of load and high summer temperatures on a vehicle’s engine. Independent tests have shown Purple Ice lowers operating temperatures on average 7-10 degrees when added to a 50/50 mix of coolant and water, and 15-25 degrees when added to straight water.

As a wetting agent, Purple Ice does its job by reducing the surface tension of liquid and allowing a better interface between the hot metal components of a vehicle engine and the coolant, which helps the liquid to drain heat away from the engine and lower engine operating temperatures.

Unlike other similar products, Purple Ice is 100 percent water soluble and leaves behind no film or build-up on the internal structures of the engine. In fact, Purple Ice contains powerful polymer-based dispersants that prevent the formation of gels and other deposits within a vehicle’s cooling system that can build-up with the use of traditional coolant mixtures.

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