Upgraded SPDs protect equipment from transient surge damage

ABB Low Voltage Products enhances surge protection portfolio, introduces UL 1449 3rd Edition OVR DIN Rail SPDs.

surge protection
surge protection

New Berlin, Wis.—The ABB Low Voltage Products division has released the UL 1449 3rd Edition certified OVR DIN Rail surge protective devices (SPD), designed for long service life protecting valuable equipment from damage caused by transient surges from lightening strikes, and surges from upstream equipment and utility load switching. The new OVR DIN Rail products are approved as UL Type 4 recognized components and are usable in Type 2 applications, covering permanently connected SPDs intended for installation on the load side of the service equipment overcurrent device. The new UL 1449 3rd Edition places SPDs into five different categories, with Types 1, 2 and 3 referring to different types of SPDs installed at specific locations; and Types 4 and 5 referring to components used in SPD configurations. The new OVR DIN Rail SPDs will carry the UR mark, UL’s certification for recognized components.

The 3rd Edition OVR DIN Rail SPDs are of the same high quality of the 2nd Edition devices, with improved safety features that respond to the more rigorous testing required by the UL 1449 3rd Edition standard. The new product range utilizes fast acting metal oxide varistors (MOV) to limit overvoltage to values compatible with the sensitive equipment connected to the network. Extensive damage and expensive repairs can result from transient surges if surge protection is not present. OVR DIN Rail SPDs are ideal for critical power facilities such as hospitals and data centers, renewable energy installations, water and wastewater systems, and other surge-sensitive manufacturing and commercial operations.

Highlights of the 3rd Edition OVR DIN Rail SPDs include:

• Pluggable cartridges: when one or more cartridges reaches end-of-life, the electrical circuit need not be isolated, nor does the entire device need to be removed. Simply pull the dead cartridge from its housing and plug in a new one.
• Integrated auxiliary contact: optional remote monitoring capability. Wiring an integrated 3-point 1A volt-free contact enables the operational state of the SPD to be monitored remotely.

“The new DIN rail mount surge protective devices allow ABB to more effectively serve the market,” said Jeff Disbrow, product manager of enclosures and DIN rail products at ABB. “Obtaining UL 1449 3rd Edition approval on the upgraded SPDs ensures our customers know we are committed to providing products which meet the most up to date standards and safety requirements.”

OVR DIN Rail SPDs are available for most service voltages up to 600 VAC, and come in two protection levels – 15 and 40kA per phase (Imax). They are optimally used in conjunction with OVR NE12 Enclosed SPDs at the service entrance, creating a multi-level ap­proach to protection. ABB recommends the installation of the OVR surge protective devices wherever uptime is a critical element of a facility or operation.

The UL 1449 standard for SPDs has been the primary safety standard for surge protection since 1985. Prior to UL 1449 3rd Edition, the devices covered by the standard were known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), operating on circuits not exceeding 600 V. With the 3rd Edition these devices are now known as SPDs and may operate on power circuits not exceeding 1000 V.

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