Pole mounted LED work light for man lifts and lift buckets

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com announces telescoping pole mounted LED work light for use on man lifts and lift buckets in demanding work environments.

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Magnalight.com has announced the release of the FPM-LED5W-30-120V Telescoping Pole Mounted LED Work Light designed for use on man lifts and lift buckets within demanding and abusive work environments. Producing over 14,000 lumens and equipped with a simple slip fit adjustable pole mounting system, this high power work light provides an ideal lighting solution for workers who frequently perform operations from man lifts and lift buckets and require powerful backlight illumination.

The Magnalight FPM-LED5W-30-120V Fixed Pole Mounted LED Work Light is an industrial grade lighting solution for operators requiring powerful lighting that can be easily deployed from man lifts and lift buckets to provide illumination for spraying an blasting operations. Producing over 14,000 lumens from a compact 150 watt LED light head, this pole mounted lighting system can be easily setup simply by sliding the pole into an included mounting bracket, tightening down the included T handle lock screws, and then plugging in the light. The mounting bracket included with this portable surface mount light can be permanently attached to the flat sides of lift buckets and platforms, allowing operators to easily drop the mounting pole into the bracket and then remove it as needed. The pole is constructed of high grade aluminum, making it ideal for providing powerful backlighting that will illuminate the entire work surface in front of the operators without any obstructions or shadowing. The lamp head is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally and is locked into position by tightening thumb screws located on either side of the lamp. The LED lamp on this work light is designed for demanding work conditions with a heavy extruded aluminum housing, shatterproof LEXAN lens, and IP68 rated waterproof construction, making it impervious to dusts, dirt and moisture.

Magnalight has also fitted these units with a waterproof step down transformer that allows users to operate the light with standard 120-277 VAC electrical power. 25 feet of electrical cord is included and is fitted with a standard heavy duty straight blade plug for secure connections. These LED lights produce 14,790 lumens and project this output in a wide floodlight pattern, making them well suited for illuminating larger work spaces. The light output from this system is of high quality with an approximately 6000-6500K color temp and good color rendering for accurate color reproduction and good contrasting of details. This pole mounted LED work light can withstand heavy vibrations and wet working conditions, produce little heat, and are well suited to industrial applications including tunnel construction, mining, plant turnarounds, and anywhere powerful yet versatile and compact lighting is desired.

“The FPM-LED5W-30-120VPR 150 watt LED light makes an ideal back light for man bucket operators,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com. “This LED light is cool to the touch, ultra-durable, and can be stored easily in a work truck cab when not in use. It is like having a 1000 Watt Metal Halide behind you when you are working.”

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com carries an extensive line of LED work lights, LED light towers, hazardous location LED lights, and portable work and area lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire Magnalight line of heavy duty lighting at Magnalight.com.

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