Silver Spring Networks successfully completes Wi-SUN Alliance interoperability tests

Silver Spring Networks successfully completes IEEE 802.15.4g interoperability testing—open standards accelerate choice, innovation, and value for customers.

Redwood City, Calif.—Silver Spring Networks, a networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, has announced it has successfully completed Wi-SUN Alliance interoperability tests for the IEEE 802.15.4g wireless communications standard. IEEE 802.15.4g is a global standard harmonizing the physical layer of a number of historically deployed wireless systems, and standardizing power levels, data rates, modulations, and frequency bands for the large scale, outdoor and topographically challenging environments of smart energy networks.

Wi-SUN Alliance members conducted extensive testing demonstrating multi-vendor product interoperability in frequency bands appropriate for North America, Australia/New Zealand, Latin America, Japan and other markets worldwide. As a founding member of the Wi-SUN Alliance, Silver Spring is dedicated to furthering its mission of certifying wireless communications interoperability amongst the broadest possible array of smart grid devices, increasing choice, accelerating innovation, and delivering more value for customers.

“Open communications protocols and standards-based infrastructure are a founding principle at Silver Spring Networks—and our approach has been to build an open network optimized for the massive-scale machine-to-machine (M2M) communications across millions of devices that are required for the next generation of smart energy networks,” said Raj Vaswani, Chief Technology Officer at Silver Spring Networks. “Our recent interoperability testing for IEEE 802.15.4g provides confidence to our current customers that their extensive smart grid investment is protected; to our future customers that theirs will be; and to both that they can continue to tap the vast ecosystem of technologies that work reliably and securely together on our platform.”

Silver Spring collaborates across the industry to help establish an open, standards-based smart grid platform for customers. Silver Spring’s early commitment to and delivery of an IPv6 standards-based networking platform has transformed the utility industry’s approach to modernizing the grid. Silver Spring delivered the industry’s first IPv6-based smart grid networking platform beginning in 2006. Since then, Silver Spring has connected more than 12 million homes and businesses worldwide.

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