Grounding and non-grounding hubs protect electrical equipment

Appleton introduces affordable, aluminum, watertight hubs to better protect enclosed electrical equipment.

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Rosemont, Ill.—Aiming to maximize value for its electrician customers, Appleton has introduced a cost-effective alternative to established brands of hubs with a rugged new line of grounding and non-grounding die-cast aluminum hubs designed to help better protect enclosed electrical equipment.

The aggressively-priced Appleton hubs securely connect conduit to standard knockouts in an electrical enclosures, providing a true watertight seal and preventing water, moisture, dusts and damaging particles from entering and compromising performance or safety. In addition to standard commercial and industrial applications, both dry and wet, the hubs can be installed in hazardous industrial locations, making them the ideal choice for chemical plants, refineries and other areas where flammable vapors, gases or combustible dusts are present.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction is featured to ensure superior mechanical protection with an insulated throat rated to 150 degrees Celsius to prevent wire abrasion and to reduce wire-pulling effort. The captive "O" ring gasket assures a true watertight seal electricians can have confidence in. Smooth, accurately tapped threads and a faster wrenching profile yield simple installation.

Appleton hubs come in trade sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 2-inches. By opting for aluminum, Appleton offers a high-quality hub that facilitates easier shipping, handling and installing, yet offers the same durability and dependability as its original hub line.

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