Storm disaster response and customer service

Alpha Technologies Services'  diagnostic services, repair and refurbishment, fiber optic RF line gear, headend equipment, UPS systems and test equipment helps keep systems operational during severe storm season.

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Bellingham, Wash.—Alpha Technologies Services Inc., maintenance and repair provider for The Alpha Group, continues to demonstrate disaster response and customer service in the wake of an abnormally severe storm season across the United States. Alpha's Depot Repair Services furnish diagnostic services, repair and refurbishment, Fiber Optic RF Line Gear, Headend Equipment, UPS Systems and test equipment. Offering full warranty on all repairs, Alpha's Depot Repair Services performs detailed testing, helping ensure that all repaired equipment meets or exceeds original factory standards.

Hurricane Irene proved to be the most destructive storm of 2011, leaving a trail of floods and wind damage after making landfall near Little Egg Inlet, NJ, and pounding the Carolina coasts. Gusts averaged 40-60 mph and measured more than 11 inches of rainfall in some areas. Standing water and fallen trees can wreak havoc on the power grid and adversely affect the cable and telecommunications networks. Amidst these challenges, Alpha provided immediate replacement of crucial, damaged equipment to help keep critical networks operational.

"Our response time was immediate," said Vince Nardini, District Sales Manager for Alpha's Depot Repair Service Network. "Given the extensive damage following Hurricane Irene, the demand for repair and replacement of equipment immediately doubled. Despite the increased demand, our depots were prepared and delivered quality, on-time repairs."

Alpha's sales and customer service staff quickly responded by identifying and prioritizing customer needs while the Route Service Team arranged to pick up the damaged equipment. Once it reached the depot, the damaged equipment was put on priority status and technicians immediately began the repair and quality assurance procedures. Upon completion, the equipment was promptly returned to the customer.

Alpha's regional repair depots are located in various regions throughout the USA, ensuring easy and convenient accessibility. Alpha also offers pickup and delivery services, as well as popular advanced replacement programs.

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