Enhanced tree-retardant crosslinked polyethylene for MV power cable insulation

Dow Electrical & Telecommunications advances the performance of TR-XLPE for medium voltage cables; enhanced DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 EC demonstrates significant improvement over current commercial products.

Dow Electrical & Telecommunications (Dow E&T) has made a small but powerful change in the formulation of its market-leading tree-retardant crosslinked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) for medium voltage (MV) power cable insulation. This change will enable an enhanced level of performance for underground (UG) cable manufacturers, installers and utilities. DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 EC offers:

• Expected longer life than existing TR-XLPE products
• Improved performance in wet UG operations through enhanced tree-retardant technology
• Reduced strip force, with Dow E&T insulation shields, allowing for easier and cleaner termination and splicing of cable during installation
• Improved manufacturing robustness which ensures improved cable quality
• Ability for continuous operations at 105C cable rating, with Dow E&T semiconductive shields

“Over time we’ve demonstrated that proper material selection is critical to the performance of the cable in field applications,” said Nathan Jeppson, Global Power Platform Leader, Dow E&T. “Equally important is high-quality cable manufacturing. As part of our Dow Inside program, we’ve worked closely with select cable manufacturers during the one-year ICEA S-94 cable qualifications that are now complete. Based upon these results, we are confident that DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 EC delivers excellent performance.”

DOW ENDURANCE HFDC 4202 EC is also undergoing testing according to the European CENELEC HD 620 specification and is expected to meet the highest requirements of the long-term wet aging test.

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