AMSC Announces Turnkey D-VAR® Order for Long Island Power Grid

- Long Island Power Authority Adopts Solution to Ensure Continued Grid Reliability During Periods of Peak Electricity Demand - AMSC to Provide D-VAR Reactive Compensation Systems, Ancillary Hardware, Installation Services and Ongoing Maintenance

"Long Island Power Authority is supplying more power to its residential and commercial customers each year," said Long Island Power Authority President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin S. Law. "In order to continue providing reliable, high quality power, we needed a solution to stabilize voltage during times of peak demand, particularly over the summer months when Long Island's population is at its highest."

Thomas Edison said that electricity should be made where it is to be used. We are a long way from replacing power stations and ugly pylons but at the small end – harvesting ambient energy to power electrical and electronic devices so they are self-sufficient – things are very much on the move. We are in transition from familiar bicycle dynamo and solar cells on calculators, satellites and so on. Next comes eliminating the need for surgery in order to change batteries in a pacemaker and providing the laptop and mobile phone that never has a flat battery. Within the decade, that will be followed by energy harvesting in e-labels, e-packaging and e-posters and promotions and very widespread use in consumer and industrial products such as watches, sensors and engines.

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