Nexterra Launches $30 Million Program to Commercialize A New Generation of High Efficiency Biomass Power System

Nexterra Energy ( announces a program to commercialize a new application of its biomass gasification technology to generate power and heat from small-scale plants (2 10 MWe) by direct-firing syngas into high efficiency gas engines.

This initiative follows two years of intensive work by Nexterra to upgrade syngas made by gasifying biomass so that it meets the fuel specification of GE Jenbachers internal combustion engines. GE has supported this work through its Jenbacher gas engine division. Nexterra has also received support from Canadas National Research Council (NRC-IRAP) and the Province of British Columbia.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a global leader in test and measurement technology, is bringing enhanced safety to contractors with its new 61-685 Infrared (IR) Thermometer, the non-contact way to capture the surface temperature of mechanical equipment, electrical breakers, and building systems from a distance, allowing for preventive diagnostics to be performed while machinery and circuits are in operation.

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