One call software company has sister organization

KorTerra announces new KorPartners organization to operate One Call Centers.

Minneapolis, Minn., September 14, 2010—KorTerra announces the successful launch of a new sister organization to operate One Call Centers. This new organization, named KorPartners, will specifically focus on the day-to-day processes involved in running state mandated, non-profit One Call Centers.

One Call Center operations revolve around the process of receiving excavation information from homeowners and professional excavators prior to digging underground. A national 811 number has been established for each state One Call Center, allowing anyone in the country to dial 811 and be routed to their local One Call Center. Once the dig project specifications have been provided, any utility company with assets in the area is notified by the One Call Center. It is then the utility company’s responsibility to mark any underground utilities present in the dig area. Once the dig area has been inspected and marked, excavators and homeowners can dig safely.

The purpose of the “call before you dig” process is two-fold:
1. Protect excavators, homeowners and the general public from harm due to accidental contact with underground facilities.
2. Protect the underground facility infrastructure from damage, the associated costs of repair and the inconvenience of service outages.

KorPartners is excited to offer its new One Call operations services to One Call Centers across the country. Though the One Call industry is a nationwide undertaking, there are very few organizations that actively operate One Call Centers. KorPartners will provide a new and much needed viable option to assist One Call Centers in their technical and operational needs. They are well versed in the many moving pieces found in the One Call and damage prevention industries, and understand the unique challenges that industry stakeholders face. KorPartners is entering this arena with a strong desire to bring forth high quality operational and service standards to the One Call Centers they operate.

In pursuit of upholding this new grade of service, KorPartners has identified these core values to honor and operate under:
· Integrity: KorPartners performs every task within the guidelines of honesty, ethics and trust. We are always working to earn our clients’ respect and business.
· Growth: KorPartners thrives on innovation and is continually developing new products and services to benefit our clients. KorPartners proactively offers ideas and improvement strategies to help our clients reach their business goals.
· Responsibility: We do what we say we’ll do—on time! KorPartners utilizes open and honest communication within our organization and with all of our partners.
· Partnership: KorPartners is a true partner you can trust. We have the best interest of our clients at heart, and consider ourselves to be responsible and ethical partners to every organization we work with. We will never give clients a reason to doubt their trust in us.
· Experience: The founding companies of KorPartners have decades of experience within multiple facets of the damage prevention industry. The range of skill and diversification of expertise ensures successful leadership, operations and future innovation within KorPartners.

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