Low maintenance metering solutions

Badger Meter’s battery operated M-Series Mag Meters offer accuracy and quality.

Brown Deer, Wis., December 9, 2010—Badger Meter, a manufacturer of flow measurement solutions, is introducing two new electromagnetic flow metering solutions to its line of M-Series Mag Meters. The M-5000 and M-2000 Mag Meters expand the company’s mag meter portfolio, delivering precise and timely flow measurement information with minimum maintenance requirements.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers in the utility and industrial markets with the most accurate and up-to-date technologies for flow management,” said Rob Fehl, commercial and industrial meter product marketing manager at Badger Meter. “These two new options will provide additional versatility to help round out our high quality mag meter line.”

The M-5000 Mag Meter is a battery-operated, general purpose detection mag meter in a stand-alone package. Suitable for a wide range of utility and industrial applications, the M-5000 is for remote settings and other applications without access to power.

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