Company advances green commitments

DUECO continues it’s green initiative with a 10/10/10 event.

Waukesha, Wis., October 4, 2010—DUECO Inc., in harmony with a continuing effort to advance the company’s green commitments, is joining the 10/10/10 global initiative by planting a native garden with the volunteer labor of its team members.

Since the inception of its Green Team two years ago, DUECO located in Waukesha, Wis., has been a leading corporation in the southeastern Wisconsin area looking to greener alternatives that benefit the 3 “P”s: people, planet and profit. In a mixed use manufacturing and office environment, many may think it would be challenging to find ways to participate in the 10/10/10 global work party, but for DUECO it was not.

“After going through air infiltration and energy consumption testing, it was quite easy for our Green Team to enhance our green goals,” said company president Judie Taylor. “The projects we have implemented thus far save us over $30,000 annually in our electric and gas bills. The 10/10/10 event is a great way for us to be a part of our global community, joining forces with the 5450+ events that will take place in over 176 countries.”

Beginning on Monday, October 4th, team members at DUECO Inc. will volunteer to install an environmentally friendly native garden around the front portion of its corporate headquarters. “The foliage that was originally around the front area of our building was overgrown and in decline,” said green committee lead and accounting manager Rebecca Zuhlke. “The new plantings, which will consist primarily of plants native to Wisconsin, will add a variety of color and multi-seasonal interest. It will also provide food and shelter for visiting birds, butterflies, bees and other insects.”

The project is to be completed by Thursday, October 7th. A brief dedication ceremony will be held on Monday, October 11th at 9:15 am.

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