Hendrix Wire and Cable and The Kerite Co. Form Marmon Utility

Underground divisions integrate to single business unit, MV Underground Cable.

Milford, N.H., April 23, 2010—Hendrix Wire & Cable, a provider of high-quality underground and overhead distribution products, announces is has joined forces with The Kerite Co. to form Marmon Utility LLC. This change brings together two manufacturers who have served the utility industry for many decades. In addition to the overall change, the two underground divisions at both companies have been integrated into a single business unit—MV Underground Cable.

This integration means that customers will have access to both TRXLP and EPR insulation on primary cables through the same sales channel. More importantly, it is a true integration that will combine the best of both underground cable divisions.

“The Hendrix and Kerite brands have gained recognition in the utility industry as leaders in quality. We are excited about the opportunities that this integration will bring to our family of products and services,” said Dan Carberry, general manager of Hendrix / Kerite MV Underground Cable.

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