Optimal Technologies Opens U.S. Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Green Technology Company Plans to Create 325 New, Local Jobs Over Three Years; Grants Awarded by State, City Governments

The One North Carolina Fund awarded a grant to Optimal Technologies as part of the State's recruiting effort. The grant, which was announced separately today by the State of North Carolina Office of the Governor, helps recruit and expand quality jobs in high value-added, knowledge-driven industries.

Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI), a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. and a member of the ESCO Communications Segment, recently announced the successful delivery of version 3.0 of its TWACS NG software to one of its primary customers, PG&E. TWACS NG 3.0 (formerly referred to as TNG 3.0) is the company's most robust version of its industry leading state-of-the-art advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) software. Version 3.0 is a highly scalable, web-based software solution used in conjunction with the Company's proven power-line based TWACS AMI system. Version 3.0 was developed to allow utility customers to successfully manage hourly and interval data from up to 10 million metering endpoints. Based on rigorous testing and metering endpoint simulation to date, 3.0 has been validated to confirm reliable scalability for up to 6.5 million endpoints, which will satisfy the majority of utility customers' requirements worldwide.

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