Metrotech Launches Easyloc Single Active Frequency Underground Locating Instrument

Metrotech announced yesterday the Easyloc single active frequency underground locating instrument. A welcome economical and technical solution to utility locating incorporating a rugged housing, automatic digital display, and high quality features for greater locating productivity at lower operational costs.

As a single frequency instrument, the Easyloc employs the proven 33 kHz frequency for most locating applications. Additional functionality is found in the highly sensitive power (50/60 Hz + harmonics) and radio (15-23 kHz) modes for line avoidance at utility construction sites. Depth measurement is taken with the press of a button in all modes of operation (active and passive).

Elster, manufacturer and supplier of highly accurate, high quality, integrated metering and utilization solutions, announces that Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (Toronto Hydro) has installed over 345,000 EnergyAxis System smart meters throughout its service area. Toronto Hydro selected the EnergyAxis System to meet the requirements of the Ontario Smart Metering Initiative.

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