Check Out the Latest Utility Industry Products in This Issue's '2014 New Products Guide'

Utility Products' "2014 New Products Guide" showcases the newest products for a variety of areas in the utility industry.

Utility Products' "2014 New Products Guide" showcases the newest products for a variety of areas in the utility industry. If you are looking for safety products, check out the latest self-retracting lifeline with foot level tie-off, properly using fish tape, lineman training, utility access hatches, portable lighting and preventing outages caused by birds and animals. If your interest is overhead and underground products, we highlight stringing equipment, steel braided rope, a hydraulic puller for underground pulling applications, pneumatic piercing tools, articulating cranes, shrink-fit cable joints and constant tension winches. For tools and supplies, products such as crimping tools, die sets, a hand line block, spotlights, a compression tool and cable cutter are featured. Vehicle and accessory products include tonneau covers, a utility track vehicle, a brush cutter, tree trimmers, a tire lifter for dangerously heavy tires, and portable cranes. In addition, computers and software are highlighted-a fully rugged notebook, docking stations for tablet computers, and a powered cradle for handheld tablets. There are also a variety of products showcased for metering, test and measurement, and transmission and distribution.

This issue also brings you several informative articles. In contributing editor Paul Hull's article, "Coming, Ready or Not," the importance of being prepared for disruptions is discussed. Disruptions occur for any number of reasons, and good preparations should include equipment and people. The smoothest recoveries from outages seem to be those where providers and customers are in harmony, where each party involved knows what it should do and does not try to do the others duty, Hull points out.

Another great article is "When Disasters Strike: Emergency Response Kitting Helps Ensure Utilities Have What's Needed in Emergencies." From wild fires to mudslides to weather, when large areas have downed lines, utilities call for help form surrounding states. The article outlines what can be done to ensure visiting crews are mobilized as quickly as possible with the right equipment and supplies.

Erik Christian's article, "Utility Cellular Communications Come of Age in the Distribution Network," discusses how cellular has become a viable communications option for distribution automation applications. "By using todays cellular networks as the communications layer for grid modernization, automating the distribution network can be an affordable reality for the first time," Christian reports.

"Live Line Service Techniques," by Brian Parker, reviews the highly specialized tools and techniques required during energized maintenance. And two other great articles in this issue are "High Voltage Underground Cable for Substation Expansions With Space Constraints," and "Portable Accuracy: Voltage Transformer Testing and Calibration."

John Tabor
Associate Editor

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