Editor's Letter: '2016 New Products Guide'

Check Out the Latest Utility Industry Products in This Issue's Guide

Utility Products’ “2016 New Products Guide” brings you the newest products for a variety of areas in the utility industry. If you are looking for overhead and underground products, check out the latest regulator covers, conductor covers, lightning arrestor covers, fused disconnect switch covers, hydraulic pullers and more. Among safety products highlighted are flame-resistant apparel, screen blanking solutions to reduce driver distraction, portable lighting and a product to efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates. If your interest is transmission and distribution, we highlight pole setting foam, partial discharge sensors, mechanical lay-in grounding connectors and stringing equipment. For test and measurement products, we feature a digital clamp-on resistance tester with Bluetooth, personal voltage detector, network analyzer, cable certifier solution, power and energy loggers, clamp meter, transformer tester, handheld thermal camera and handheld megohmmeters. Tools and supplies include grounding products, anchoring equipment for utility towers and a stump cutter that carries a variety of tools. There are also products showcased for vehicles, computers and metering.

This issue also brings you several great articles. In Bradley Williams’ article, “DER Inclusiveness, Turning the Grid-Edge Challenges Into Opportunities,” how residential and business customers are adopting distributed energy resources (DER) is discussed. Williams presents how DER can affect grid reliability, outages and revenue positively or negatively, depending on how DER is integrated.

Another informative article, “Pipe Bursting Success in Large Diameter Upsize Utility Takes on Difficult Sewer Main,” reviews how KRG Utility in North Carolina successfully used a 1250G static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies out of Aurora, Illinois, to replace a 1,200-foot section of 8-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) gravity sewer main for Charleston Water System. The existing 8-inch VCP pipe had been lined at one time with a cured-in place liner, making the project challenging. Static pipe bursting was specified to attempt the project, and TT Technologies replaced the existing line for capacity reasons as part of a multiple phase project to restore the utility’s network of deep tunnels that carry wastewater to a treatment plant.

“A Trick up the Sleeve: Protection Improves Pole Performance,” by Hannu Lehtinen, discusses how, with an estimated 130 million wooden utility poles in service in North America, ground line decay results in the replacement of 3 to 4 million of these poles each year. With a yearly cost of more than $3 billion, replacing these rotten poles is one of the single largest maintenance costs for many utilities. Lehtinen presents contributing factors to ground line decay and what utilities can do to implement ground line protection for pole replacements.

John Tabor
Associate Editor

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