City of Toronto Finds Solution in Truck-Mounted Equipment

Like any municipality, the City of Toronto Water Department works on typical problems, such as main breaks and service leaks.

Jun 1st, 2008
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Like any municipality, the City of Toronto Water Department works on typical problems, such as main breaks and service leaks. However, working within Toronto can be challenging, especially downtown, where jobsite space can be tight. Recently, while looking to acquire new equipment for the water department, Toronto’s fleet services searched for a solution that would increase efficiency and reduce the amount of equipment needed on the job.

“We completed a district service improvement review and determined that we were going to purchase trucks with truck-mounted compressors for efficiency,” says Mariano Gagliardi, operations and maintenance supervisor with the City of Toronto.

With the assistance of Drive Products, Inc., a local truck equipment distributor and service provider, the City of Toronto chose to purchase vehicles with truck-mounted Ingersoll Rand air compressors. The truck-mounted equipment product line of Ingersoll Rand air compressors from Doosan Infracore Portable Power is a specialized product offering focused on increasing the efficiency and productivity of the typical work truck. On most trucks with an accessible PTO provision, these air compressors can be incorporated as either hydraulic-drive, above-deck modules or shaft-drive, under-chassis systems.

Representation of how truck-mounted equipment offers sources for working on the job.
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Vehicle-mounted, above-deck hydraulic drive air compressors offer a cost effective solution for mobile compressed air needs. Ranging from 30 to 90 cubic feet per minute (cfm) with air pressure delivery up to 175 pounds per square inch (psi), Ingersoll Rand above-deck air compressor modules provide great versatility for utility and service truck fleets that have hydraulic flow available. These units will run light air tools, as well as larger pneumatic tools like 90-pound breakers, at 100 percent continuous duty.

The Ingersoll Rand under-chassis air compressor systems produce a wide range of air capacities from 30 to 220 cfm at operating pressures ranging from 100 to 205 psi. These compressors, powered by the truck’s engine through a transmission side-mount PTO, are available for use on most work truck makes and models from Class-3 and larger. Designed to accommodate any application traditionally suited for a tow-behind air compressor unit, these systems are revolutionizing the standard utility and municipal jobsite.

Air filter assembly for the truck-mounted equipment.
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Since the air compressor is mounted on the truck, there is no need for a tow-behind compressor. “You don’t have to spend time getting a tow-behind air compressor ready to go on a job, making sure things like the brake lights are working,” says Gagliardi. “Once on the job, you don’t to have to worry about positioning a tow-behind compressor. You park your truck and the air is right there because the compressor is on the truck.”

For the City of Toronto, the under-chassis air compressor systems were the product that best fit their typical applications. The PTO-driven, Ingersoll Rand under-chassis units are designed to be conveniently mounted under the truck, freeing up the vehicle bed space and hitch for additional payload and towing capability. In addition to instant power upon arrival at the jobsite, Ingersoll Rand truck-mounted units impact the bottom line through lower maintenance and repair costs, plus reduced opportunity for loss or theft.

Steve Plaskos, manager of fleet services for the City of Toronto, says that making it easier to get to jobsites played a role in the decision to purchase truck-mounted air compressors. “With tow-behind air compressors, you’re bringing an extra item to the job, and it’s already hard enough to maneuver in the downtown core,” said Plaskos.

Another benefit of putting the air compressor on the truck and having everything in one unit is environmental. “When you have a tow-behind air compressor, you’re running another diesel engine,” says Plaskos. “The truck-mounted compressors run off the truck PTO, so we have eliminated an engine and make less of an environmental impact.”

Of course, eliminating an engine also reduces costs. With each engine that is eliminated, there is less fuel and oil to purchase and lower maintenance costs to keep the machine running. “It’s another asset that you don’t have to worry about,” says Plaskos.

In total, the City of Toronto has purchased 30 vehicles with truck-mounted Ingersoll Rand under-chassis air compressors and the trucks have already been pressed into service. The water department uses the 185 cfm rated air compressors on the trucks to run pneumatic tools in day-to-day operations. Typical jobs involve breaking out concrete and asphalt for main breaks and service leaks with a jackhammer attachment. Then, the crew uses hand spade guns to break up and excavate the soil. Chisel hammers and impact guns help the crew in fitting repairs and installations to replace services and repair main breaks. “Our crews are working with almost two-inch nuts and bolts. The impact gun can deliver up to 150 pounds per square inch,” says Gagliardi.

Service valves
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In addition to the typical jobs the water department undertakes, the trucks with the under-chassis Ingersoll Rand air compressors were also working recently on a water loss survey in the city. This survey determined that the water loss was due to a problem with pressure regulation. “We used the compressor on the trucks and the hand tools to remove old boundary inner chambers and install pressure reducer valves, strainers and deflectors inside the chambers,” says Gagliardi.

Gagliardi likes how convenient the trucks are. “You flip a switch and have instant air,” he says. “All the attachments are right there and there is a nice stow-away compartment to store them.”

The convenience of the trucks also saves the crew time on the job. “The tools are quick connect, quick release, meaning we can easily change them,” says Gagliardi. “Rather than tightening or loosening bolts by hand, we now use the pneumatic tools and impact guns and everything spins off easily and cleanly. We don’t have to clean and lube all the tools after using them because the tools on the truck have built-in oilers.”

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By using air compressors mounted on trucks, the City of Toronto has eliminated an extra piece of equipment, further lowering operating and maintenance costs. These trucks with Ingersoll Rand air compressors allow water department crews to maneuver jobsites more easily while giving them better access to all of their tools. The goal of any municipality is to complete work as quickly as possible at the lowest cost and Doosan Infracore Portable Power, with its truck-mounted Ingersoll Rand air compressors, is helping the City of Toronto do just that.

Additional Ingersoll Rand under-chassis and above-deck components from Doosan Infracore Portable Power include generators, welders and vehicle jump starters all of which are dedicated to providing truck-mounted options that offer greater cost savings and efficiencies to fleet managers and crews. With Ingersoll Rand truck-mounted products, power is available immediately on the jobsite for true power on demand.

Truck-mounted Ingersoll Rand air compressors from Doosan Infracore Portable Power change the way power is delivered to the job. With a full line of truck-mounted products, Doosan Infracore Portable Power continues to drive end-user demand and build strong distribution. Doosan Infracore Portable Power partners with its truck-mounted equipment dealers — qualified truck upfitters — to deliver convenient, reliable solutions to customers, and to provide complete support, including product application, installation, service, parts and warranty.

About the Author: Eric Morse is a public relations writer at Two Rivers Marketing, a full-service business-to-business agency that specializes in strategic planning, interactive and print design, public relations, media placement and training.

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