Energy management: Battery has wide range of temperature tolerance

Stored energy: Johnson Battery Technologies announces a solid-state battery that operates at room-through-high temperatures; can be stored at sub-freezing temperatures.

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Power management: Johnson Battery Technologies (JBT), developer of solid-state battery technology, has achieved important milestones this month. Among them, the company has now created solid-state batteries in the milliamp hour range that span the temperature range from operating at room temperatures all the way to 150°C. These same cells can be stored in a dormant state at sub-freezing temperatures. This wide range of temperature tolerance is of enormous benefit for applications that operate in harsh industrial and/or natural environments.

JBT has also added a new relationship this month. The highly confidential company expects to order tens of thousands of batteries from two different JBT battery configurations per year, globally employing the temperature range advantage of the technology. With inorganic solid electrolytes that use no liquids or gels, JBT’s novel low cost solid state rechargeable technology safely addresses the risk of explosion. JBT routinely provides samples of its battery technology when under a formal agreement with industry partners, and expects to ship additional samples for independent technical evaluation next month.

“We are delighted that the creative thinking and diligent work of our team has led to a noninflammable battery technology that can provide wireless power for applications that have until now been excluded from the battery market,” said Tony Pace, COO of Johnson Battery Technologies.

JBT continues to partner with industry and government customers to bring its batteries to the marketplace in a scalable and affordable manner.

About Johnson Battery Technologies
Johnson Battery Technologies develops safe custom batteries to fit challenging applications for both the public and private sectors, solving energy problems in a diverse range of industries. Lonnie Johnson is an engineer and an inventor who holds more than 100 patents and whose technologies have been featured by CNN, Popular Mechanics, and TIME Magazine. He is perhaps most well-known as a former NASA engineer and the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun, one of the most popular toys in the world.

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