Energy management: Energy storage system audit service

Power management: Greensmith launches energy storage system audit service, StorageCheck, which improves system design, reduces risk of sub-optimal or failed energy storage systems.

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Power management: Greensmith, a provider of grid-scale energy storage software and integration solutions, announced the launch of StorageCheck, a new audit service for energy storage systems. Leveraging Greensmith’s extensive technology expertise and integration experience, the new service will provide energy storage system developers and owners with a report that evaluates the design of their energy storage systems and recommends design changes to improve performance and increase system return on investment (ROI).

Greensmith is launching the new service in response to growing customer demand for independent, knowledgeable advice on how to design high-performance energy storage systems, as well as an increasing awareness of grid-scale energy storage systems failures. These failures include construction delays, post-commissioning performance problems and, worst of all, catastrophic failures that result in significant financial and reputational damage to owners and operators. Many of these failures are preventable and caused by sub-optimal system design.

StorageCheck is an audit service for utilities, independent power producers, renewable energy facility operators and other energy storage system developers and owners who are:
• Planning on building an energy storage system, and would like a second opinion on their system’s design and configuration.
• Faced with a stall or delay in the development of their energy storage project.
• Experiencing problems or sub-optimal performance with their existing energy storage system.

The StorageCheck service features a 10-point diagnostic tool that:
• Identifies current or potential energy storage system problems.
• Detects the root causes of these problems.
• Recommends actions to correct these problems.

Greensmith’s position as an experienced technology-agnostic provider of energy storage software and integration solutions enables it to serve as an independent, trusted source for expert advice on energy storage design and operation. As the company responsible for delivering one-third of the energy storage capacity installed in the U.S. in 2014, Greensmith will leverage its years of experience integrating a variety of diverse energy storage systems to provide StorageCheck customers with valuable guidance on how to maximize the value of their energy storage system investments.

“Greensmith’s StorageCheck demonstrates that the energy storage industry has matured to the point where energy storage systems are now depended on to perform mission-critical grid functions and generate revenues,” said Janice Lin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA).

About Greensmith:
Greensmith's mission is to make energy storage a fundamental component of a cleaner, more advanced energy infrastructure. Its intelligent and flexible GEMS software platform optimizes the performance of a grid-scale energy storage system's batteries, inverters and other hardware, lowering costs and improving the system's return on investment. Greensmith delivered one-third of the energy storage capacity installed in the United States in 2014. Its GEMS energy storage software platform is currently used by 19 customers for multiple applications at over 40 different sites, including the single largest battery-based power system deployed globally in 2014, which provides 24x7 frequency regulation services.

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