Construction equipment: Downhole tooling improves safety

Safety equipment: TT Technologies introduces downhole tooling for its Grundodrill 4X compact HDD rig. It improves safety and simplifies drilling operations.

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Safety equipment: TT Technologies recently introduced new downhole tooling for its Grundodrill 4X compact HDD rig. The new tooling improves safety and simplifies drilling operations by allowing users to quickly and safely disconnect the sonde housing segment from the drill string after the pilot bore is complete. The system is comprised of a specially designed sub saver and clamp that locks into place and allows the operator to easily and quickly disengage the sonde housing without the use of pipe wrenches.

The compact Grundodrill 4X is designed for residential service, small diameter main installations and “last mile” operations, offering 9,800 lbs. of thrust and pullback. Using the compact drill is less intrusive and ideal for areas where larger units are not an option. The Grundodrill 4X also comes with the exclusive Smart Vice system that performs vice cycling operations automatically.

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