Utility equipment: Custom overmolded cable assemblies withstand demanding environmental conditions

Utility supplies: CDM Electronics adds cable assembly overmolding to value-added services offering. Overmolded cable assemblies provide superior mechanical strength, environmental resistance, design flexibility and aesthetics.

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Utility equipment: CDM Electronics, an authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, announced the availability of custom overmolded cable assemblies designed to withstand demanding environmental conditions in a wide range of industries. The overmolding process provides a seamless seal of the junction between a connector and cable to ensure the utmost protection against liquids, dust, heat and impact. Overmolding additionally enhances strain and flex relief, as well as maintains the integrity of connections in applications requiring repeated mating/unmating cycles.

Designed for long life and reliable performance, CDM's overmolded cable assemblies improve performance and reduce total cost in an extensive variety of applications in which harsh environments, abrasion and EMI/RFI are factors. As these assemblies are usually custom, they may be engineered for a broad array of applications including intermediate and light-duty power cable assemblies for industrial usage, RF coaxial assemblies, military/tactical assemblies, D-subminiature and mini assemblies. Overmolded assemblies are equally suitable for wire harnesses, telecommunications and medical assemblies.

CDM's overmolded cable assemblies offer 360-degree strain relief and EMI/RFI shielding, optimized pull strength, and flexible support at the cable exit. They are provided with an unlimited variety of interconnects, cables, and thermoplastic materials in a range of colors to provide unparalleled design flexibility and aesthetics. Common materials include polypropylene (PP), Santropene™ (TPV), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

All cable assemblies are manufactured in CDM's New Jersey ISO 9001:2008 and UL Listed facility by J-STD-001 and IPC-620 certified operators. CDM's state-of-the-art New Jersey facilities house a machine shop with computerized injection molding equipment, a 3-axis CNC milling machine, and a specially trained team of technicians, engineers, and quality control inspectors. Most assemblies are RoHS-Compliant.

Assemblies are provided in prototype, short-run, and production quantities. Firm pricing and delivery is determined by customers' specifications.

About CDM
For over 20 years, CDM Electronics has delivered interconnect product and cable assembly solutions to the world's leading aerospace, military, telecom, automotive, industrial, commercial, and alternative energy providers. Renowned for its unsurpassed levels of customer service and support, the company supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with full lines of standard and specialty connectors including circular, Mil-Spec, DIN, power, PROFIBUS , rectangular, and RF devices. CDM employs documented and controlled systems in its value-added division, which specializes in mission critical cable assembly, including custom cable assembly, military cable assembly, power cable assembly, and box builds. The company's ISO 9001:2008 Certified headquarters is in Turnersville, NJ. Regional offices are located in Irvine, CA, Madison, AL, Plano, TX and Williamstown, NJ.

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