Utility equipment: Cable certifier upgraded

Utility tools: IDEAL Networks upgrades LanTEK II cable certifier with heavy duty permanent link adapter to reduce cost of ownership.

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Utility supplies: IDEAL Networks has launched an extremely durable Permanent Link Adapter as an upgrade option for its award-winning LanTEK III cable certifier. Designed to give superior resilience while still ensuring high performance and low cost of ownership, the new Permanent Link Adapter features a centered connector to ensure compatibility with all brands of Cat6A/Class EA cabling solutions, removing the need for brand specific adapters and further cutting capital costs on network and cable testing equipment.

The new adapter comes with a lightweight, compact and ultra-flexible cable that can be used in confined spaces without damaging the Permanent Link Adapter or the socket under test. In addition, IDEAL has developed field replaceable RJ45 contacts so the complete adapter does not need to be replaced due to wear or damage, ensuring jobs are completed profitably. The adapter contacts also drive down maintenance costs by providing almost three times as many insertions than a regular patch cord before contact replacement is required.

Cable installers are under pressure to keep equipment costs down which is why IDEAL Networks offers a range of affordable optional components, such as the new adapter, channel adapters, fiber adapters and other accessories, that can be added to the LanTEK III. With IDEAL, installers can "mix and match," selecting only the components that they need.

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