Utility equipment: Bolting system features auto-release mechanism to prevent tool lock-on

Utility tools: HYTORC releases ICE bolting system, first of its kind with auto-release mechanism to prevent tool lock-on.

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Utility supplies: HYTORC, a provider of industrial bolting products, has officially released the all-new ICE series. This new bolting series serves as the only industrial bolting system with a built-in auto release to prevent the inconvenient lockup of tools and a unique, patented hose connector for improved flexibility on tight jobs.

With its innovative design, the tool is able to release pressure after bolting for quick movement from nut to nut, improving operator efficiency and safety. It is also the only hydraulic bolting system that allows for positioning without constraints from hoses and reaction members.

“The ICE series is the result of 45 years of continuous innovation and feedback from our team of industry experts,” said Eric Junkers, president of HYTORC. “Today, the industries we work with are focused on improving productivity and safety more than ever before. The ICE bolting system is designed to bring these improvements to all bolting jobs better than any other available system.”

The new ICE also features a co-axial drive, which results in greater tool longevity by eliminating much of the stress from the tool housing and internal components. Its breakout assist mechanism prevents the ratchet from moving backward, making for a quick and more powerful breakout – even if nuts and bolts are damaged or corroded.

The ICE is a multi-use tool, working in conjunction with the company’s other products, such as the HYTORC Washer, the HYTORC Nut and customized reaction fixtures for various applications across all industries.

“We have become the most trusted name in industrial bolting, and its largely due to innovations like the ICE,” said Junkers. “We are looking forward to releasing the product and offering an effective solution for productivity enhancement.”

HYTORC is the leading industrial bolting company in the world. The international company is family-owned and operated, and has been in business since 1968. When including authorized dealers and service centers, the company has more than 50 locations in the United States and many others worldwide.

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