Line construction: Stick accessory for linemen

Lineman safety: Utility Solutions’ BLUE STRIPE Telescopic Stick Stopper attaches to any telescopic stick to provide a lock system that keeps sections together.

May 17th, 2016
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Line maintenance: Utility Solutions Inc. has introduced a completely new product that solves a common problem for lineman. The BLUE STRIPE® Telescopic Stick Stopper attaches to any telescopic stick to provide a lock system that keeps sections together. This new rubber product also creates a handle and provides surface protection when stored.

Lineman storing and transporting telescopic sticks constantly struggle to keep the sliding sections from extending unexpectedly. Carrying a stick on your shoulder or pulling a stick from a storage tube can often cause the sections to slide out. The Stick Stopper quickly and safely solves this problem.

"It's true what they say; the simplest designs are the most successful", said Aaron Wood, Marketing Director for Utility Solutions, Inc. "It reminds me of the Jack Jumper (temporary cutout bypass tool); makes you wonder why no one had thought of it before. It should do very well for us."

The Stick Stopper is made from an EDPM rubber similar to insulating rubber blankets. It is very durable and UV resistant. The large opening accommodates several size telescopic sticks, while the narrow end easily slides over a hot stick probe. Once installed, the lineman can easily release the probe end and the Stopper stays fastened to the stick. You can view a short video online to see it in action.

The Stick Stopper is available now and comes in 3 sizes to fit any brand telescopic stick from 25 ft to 50 ft. There is even an economical 6 pack option.

Utility Solutions, Inc. has a history of responding to customer demands for products. This new Stick Stopper is no exception.

About Utility Solutions Inc.
Utility Solutions Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry. Founded in 1990 by engineers with broad electrical distribution experience, Utility Solutions has accumulated an impressive list of innovative and patented products that directly relate to a lineman's job.

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