Utility tools: Self-adjusting crimping pliers

Utility equipment: Phoenix Contact’s Crimpfox Centrus self-adjusting crimping pliers offer ergonomic, robust design for industrial crimping applications.

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Utility tools: Phoenix Contact’s TOOL fox family now includes the Crimpfox Centrus crimping pliers. The Crimpfox Centrus pliers are self-adjusting for the conductor’s American Wire Gauge and have smaller ergonomic handles with a non-slip pressure pad. A sturdy and a protective head cover saves the tool from shop-floor impacts.

Four different versions are available to process a wide range of ferrules quickly and reliably. The Crimpfox Centrus 10S and 10H will process 24-8 AWG, and the 6S and 6H process 24-10 AWG, with a ratcheted mechanism, ensuring a proper crimp. The two crimp profiles, square or hex, were inspired by the terminal block standard. The symmetrical but slightly rectangular shape makes them compatible with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks.

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