Utility equipment: Wireless M2M communications solutions

UItility supplies: FreeWave’s Sensor-2-Server (S2S) concept and WP201 shorthaul platform enables transport for data intensive applications like Voice, Video, Data and Sensor (VVDS) communications.

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Utility equipment: DistribuTECH -- FreeWave Technologies, a provider of industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, showcased its full array of wireless M2M communications solutions -- including its new WavePro™WP201™ shorthaul communications product.

The WP201 is the first in a series of industry-changing Sensor-2-Server™ (S2S™) solutions FreeWave is introducing that offers reliable shorthaul (between 1-5 miles) communications and a Wi-Fi hotspot platform (http://go.freewave.com/l/68372/2015-12-16/37myq8). The WP201 delivers secure collection, control and transport of all Voice, Video, Data and Sensor (VVDS™) information and is a critical component of FreeWave’s Sensor-2-Server communications strategy.

Download This: Sensor-2-Server white paper: http://go.freewave.com/sensor-2-server

“We are excited to continue the conversation with our partners and customers about the growth of the Industrial IoT and the importance of Sensor-2-Server capabilities within the utility and energy industries,” said Scott Allen, CMO of FreeWave Technologies. “Data transport within these industries – particularly, industries that rely on remote data collection – is paramount to the next wave of predictive analytics technology.”

FreeWave showcased the following wireless M2M offerings, including:
• WavePro WP201 (http://go.freewave.com/l/68372/2015-12-16/37myq8)
• WaveContact (http://www.freewave.com/products/allproducts/WaveContact.aspx)
• FGR2-PE (http://www.freewave.com/products/allproducts/fgr2-pe.aspx)
• FGR2-IO (http://www.freewave.com/products/allproducts/fgr2-io.aspx)
• FGR2-CE (http://www.freewave.com/products/allproducts/fgr2-ce.aspx)

About FreeWave Technologies
FreeWave Technologies (www.freewave.com) is a leading provider of wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions that deliver reliable access to data for leading companies in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets. As the #1 provider of wireless IIoT to the oil and gas industry, FreeWave’s fast, flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions streamline connectivity over long distances to also create significant operational efficiencies for government, defense and UAV/Drone contractors, agriculture equipment manufacturers, energy and smart grid networks, municipalities and more. With 20-plus years of experience in the M2M market and millions of radios deployed in the field, customers repeatedly turn to FreeWave to maximize their value in connecting M2M devices to optimize real-time decision making.

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