Mobile Workers: Enterprise Mobility Management Software Offering Expanded

Utility equipment: NetMotion Wireless’ Mobility 10 Gives Enterprises a Central Control Point for Managing Mission-Critical Mobile Deployments.

Seattle, WA – Utility tools: NetMotion Wireless, provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software, has announced a new release of their NetMotion Mobility® (formerly Mobility XE) mobile VPN software. It builds on a proven platform trusted by businesses, large and small, for improving productivity, security and control of their mobile workforce. For organizations that depend on their mobile field workers, this release includes important new features that enable Mobility to be the central control point from which enterprises secure, manage and optimize connectivity for critical work teams.

The mobile market is undergoing explosive growth and rapid change, introducing both tremendous opportunity as well as new challenges for enterprises with mobile workforces. Once dominated by Windows-based, ruggedized laptops and specialized handheld devices, enterprises are now incorporating the use of tablets and smartphones into their deployments, many of which are running alternative operating systems such as Android or iOS. These new devices can have a big impact on improving service levels and reducing costs in the field, but it’s a tremendous challenge to provide access to key enterprise applications in a secure manner, with the level of visibility and control enterprises require.

The new Mobility 10 combines new capabilities with NetMotion Wireless' trademark secure mobile connectivity to address these new challenges. These enhancements include:
• Support for More Mobile Platforms. In addition to Windows XP and Windows 7, Mobility 10 now enables enterprises to add market-leading tablets and smartphones to their deployments, providing secure access and reliable connectivity to mission-critical applications from any device running Windows 8 Pro, Android, or iOS as well as OS X and Linux. Now, regardless of the device selected, enterprises can be assured their mobile field workers can always securely connect to critical applications.

• Provide Insight and Visibility Throughout the Enterprise. As mobile deployments have become increasingly important to core business processes, there is an increasing need for managers, business analysts, first-line support and other personnel to access information and reports that provide insight into how their deployments are performing. For example, seeing how and when mobile field workers are using a new application, on what networks, and consuming what amount of bandwidth can provide critical insight into how business processes are operating in the field. Mobility 10 makes this possible by providing role-based access controls and logging to the central console, so users throughout the enterprise can easily access the critical information they need, while IT can rest assured configuration and security policies are maintained.
• Easily Create Platform-Specific Policies. With more mobile field workers carrying multiple devices with different operating systems (for example, a Windows laptop and an Android smartphone), it’s critical for administrators to create policies that are platform- as well as device- and user-dependent. For example, the enterprise may want to limit access when field workers are using a smartphone for enterprise resources. Mobility 10 makes creating, viewing, and modifying platform-specific policies easy for administrators.

“We wanted a solution that would not only ensure connectivity and security for our mobile workers, but would offer the management and control functionality we require to effectively support and troubleshoot our deployment,” said Greg Walters, IT Specialist II, City of Brea, California. “The NetMotion team showed us how a solution like Mobility can be the focal point for bringing together and managing the variety of technologies we leverage in our current and future mobile deployments. With everything in one place, we finally feel like we’re in complete control.”

“Few areas of enterprise IT are changing as rapidly as mobility, and we are committed to ensuring not just our existing customers but those who may be new to NetMotion can manage the resulting challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents,” said Joe Savarese, Chief Technology Officer, NetMotion Wireless. “Mobility 10 addresses this new world head-on with broad platform support and a single point of control. These two factors not only reflect our commitment to continuous innovation but open the doors for new customers to fully realize the benefits from Mobility like improved productivity, security and return on their mobile investment.”

Other enhancements in Mobility 10 include:
• Support for Windows Server 2012.
• Console changes for easier navigation, management of multi-server pools, and change control
• logging so administrators can quickly and easily check the status of their deployment.
• Support for the ‘metered connection’ setting in Windows 8, providing the ability to detect when a network interface has a monetary cost. Administrators can use this condition to more precisely manage VPN and connection use
• The NAC module supports new anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware products by AVG, Avast, Avira and ESET. Mobility 10 also expands NAC coverage for Windows 8 security products from those vendors, plus McAfee, Microsoft, Norton, Symantec, and Trend Micro.

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