Video monitoring: Video perimeter security system from SightLogix

Video surveillance: SightLogix video perimeter security systems solve the toughest outdoor security problems.

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Video surveillance system: SightLogix video perimeter security systems solve the toughest outdoor security problems. SightLogix systems include video analytic SightSensor cameras, Clear24 thermal cameras, and PTZ tracking SightTrackers, deployed around the world to protect critical assets in the desert heat to the frozen arctic.

The SightLogix Automated Outdoor Video System accurately detects, assesses and locates intrusions over outdoor areas and perimeters. By integrating many times the typical processing power at the “network edge” SightLogix solutions eliminate the effects from wind, lighting, precipitation, moving clouds, shadows and vibrations. This ensures increased coverage area with a high probability of target detection and low nuisance alarms in all weather and geographies.

Increased coverage also means fewer cameras and less infrastructure, making SightLogix the most cost-effective solution for automated outdoor security.

SightLogix smart video systems also provide the “what” and “where” of security breaches over large areas, while enabling greater intruder detection accuracy, increased image detail, and target size, speed and location. Upon detection, PTZ cameras are automatically zoomed and steered to follow intruders for more detail.

The net-centric SightLogix system is designed to operate over low-bandwidth wireless networks and can run on solar/battery power. SightLogix systems are also available as rapidly deployable mobile perimeter security platforms.

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