Utility supplies: Field mapping software is easy to use

Utility equipment: Juniper Systems’ new field mapping software, Juniper Aspect 1.2, builds on and adds to its previous strengths as an easy-to-use, versatile mapping tool.

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Logan, UT – Utility tools: Juniper Systems announces a new release of its field mapping software: Juniper Aspect 1.2. The new release builds on and adds to its previous strengths as an easy-to-use, versatile mapping tool.

Juniper Aspect is a field mapping software designed to boost efficiency and productivity, while being simple enough that anyone can quickly learn how to use it. Simple, yet powerful, it places the capabilities of GPS and GIS in the hands of field workers, resulting in more streamlined processes. Used for any job that requires locating, documenting, and inspecting assets, Juniper Aspect is a flexible solution for many different lines of work.

Juniper Aspect version 1.2 offers many improvements upon its predecessor, including a number of new features that further boost worker efficiency and user-friendliness. With a new feature to more extensively filter and organize data, and an ability to more easily import large amounts of data into Excel, Juniper Aspect 1.2 offers greater benefits in time-savings and ease of use. Furthermore, the software appeals to a very broad audience, as it will now operate on most devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher.

“At Juniper Systems, our focus is on the customer,” said Jim Benson, Public Works Market Manager at Juniper Systems. “And that’s why we have implemented many of the new changes in Juniper Aspect 1.2 -- to respond to the requests of our users. This new release is amazingly easy to use, and yet it does more to make jobs easier and workflows run smoother.”

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