Lobo label printer boasts ease of use, portability, versatility

Label Printer: Imagine if printing a custom vinyl label were as easy as turning on the label printer, typing something on its QWERTY keyboard, and pressing a button?

DuraLabel has just released Lobo, a laptop-sized thermal-transfer label printer designed to meet the needs of general industry, office workers, and field workers. With a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery providing more than three hours of continuous printing, as well as patented snap-in label cartridges in .5", 1" and 2", the DuraLabel Lobo represents a significant advancement in the “grab-and-go” label printer field.

Lobo’s supply catalog takes advantage of manufacturer Graphic Products’ deep catalog of specialty supplies. Lobo may be loaded with any of 12 premium vinyl color combinations as well as self-laminating wire wrap, metal-detectable tape, extreme high-temp poly tape, oily surface tape, and 18 other supply types tailored for use in virtually any industrial setting.

Besides basic type labeling, Lobo has instant access to a library of more than 1,000 symbols and pictograms and basic design templates. The labeler’s firmware also allows users to create sequenced numbering and barcoding capacity. The device features a 3.5" color screen for WYSIWYG editing, a built-in carrying handle, and a full-sized ergonomic QWERTY keyboard.

More than a year in development, Lobo is a radical departure from other DuraLabel thermal transfer printers in design, look and feel.

“We’re heading in a whole new direction with Lobo,” said DuraLabel chief marketing officer, Steve Stephenson. “More and more markets are demanding industrial reliability and performance with the kind of plug-and-play functionality consumers appreciate. We’ve responded with a printer that has limitless applications.”

Detailed specifications:

· Printer type: thermal transfer

· Print speed: 2 inches per second

· Resolution: 203 dpi

· Maximum print width: 1.89”

· Maximum label length: 100”

· Full size ergonomic keyboard

· 3.5” diagonal color LCD display

· Embedded label creation software

· Optional battery

· 6 lb. weight

· Uses printer cartridges

· Product box contains printer, power adapter, power cord, USB cord, reference card

Lobo’s 12" square footprint lets users print labels on a desk, or countertop or even in a vehicle. Unlike most thermal transfer label printers on the market, Lobo doesn’t require network connectivity, online connection or even a power cord. Labeling software is pre-installed. Accessories include soft case and car power adapter.

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