E.ON chooses TOA Technologies’ ETAdirect to manage smart meter roll-out to millions of customers in the United Kingdom

Quick deployment of a cloud-based, flexible and scalable field service management platform to enhance the customer experience was the key decision driver

When E.ON, one of the U.K.’s leading power and gas companies, considered its upcoming smart meter roll-out, it established a goal to successfully replace eight million meters by 2020. This presented a big challenge and a great opportunity – to meet a tight, upcoming deadline while also positively impacting the relationships with its customers. To address both, E.ON, which supplies power and gas service to millions of domestic, small and medium-sized enterprise and industrial customers, selected TOA Technologies and its industry leading ETAdirect field service management solution.

Recognizing that smart meter installation is an opportunity to have a meaningful face-to-face connection with customers, E.ON evaluated its customer service strategy as a key part of its smart meter roll-out. Selecting the ETAdirect solution suite from TOA Technologies will allow E.ON to deliver a differentiated customer experience while simultaneously benefiting from the following:

· Using information about how individual employees carry out their work, E.ON will be able to predict with a high degree of accuracy when appointments will happen and how long they will take.

· E.ON will be able to communicate accurate appointment status information to customers throughout the appointment process, providing reminders beforehand and empowering customers to provide feedback, including the ability to reschedule appointments if necessary.

· E.ON will increase its smart meter technician teams during the mass roll-out stage, and fully leverage the capabilities of ETAdirect to efficiently schedule and manage a multi-skilled workforce.

“With the roll-out of smart meters across Europe, utility field service operations have an enormous opportunity to reconnect with their customer base in a way that builds long-term loyalty and trust. The mandate to replace all meters in Europe by 2020 is a catalyst for the utilities industry to rethink the way they run their field operation businesses,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies.

“What companies like E.ON found is that every customer is special, and every smart meter technician is unique. Thus, every appointment should be predicted, created and scheduled with the uniqueness of the individual customer and employee in mind. Empowered with this approach, E.ON will join TOA’s existing worldwide base of customers from utility, retail and insurance companies to cable and telecoms providers, who are all focused on improving field service efficiencies and reducing costs, all while enhancing the customer experience,” said Brisker.

Chris Lovatt, head of field operations at E.ON, said: “We want to install eight million smart meters in our customers’ homes by the end of 2019 to help put them in control of their energy use. We can only do this if we have our customers’ trust and support. So we’ll continue to work to find innovative solutions that help make the process of installing smart meters as easy and convenient as we can for our customers through partnerships such as this one with TOA Technologies.”

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