Utility supplies: AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner from Alliance Sensors Group

Utility equipment: Alliance Sensors Group offers the model “S1A”—cited to be the world’s most advanced DIN rail mountable, push button calibrated AC-LVDT signal conditioner.

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Moorestown, NJ—Utility tools: Alliance Sensors Group offers the model “S1A” - the World’s finest DIN rail mountable, push button calibrated AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner. With thousands of units in the field and scores of satisfied customers, the Alliance Sensors Group proven S1A design has substantially raised the bar for other LVDT signal conditioning manufacturers in their attempt to copy it.

“The S1A has been so well received by the marketplace that we are now seeing other LVDT manufacturers attempting to introduce push button calibrated units. The S1A has such a proven track record in the field, so why would you want to try a newly launched unproven product and chance down time?” says Harold Schaevitz, President and CEO of Alliance Sensors Group.

With over 150 years of cumulative LVDT experience, Alliance Sensors Group offers superior technical support and customer service. Since the S1A can be used with most manufacturers’ LVDTs, including half bridge and GE “buck-boost” models, you can rely on ASG’s experience to help you with any technical issues that may arise either for LVDTs or signal conditioning.

“We are not the type of company that passes the buck to the other guys and refuses to help. Our goal is to support our customer base in any way we can” says John Matlack, VP of Sales and Marketing

Why spend valuable resources calibrating LVDTs to signal conditioners that have dip switches and trimmer pots that could take as much as 20 minutes, when with the touch of two buttons, the calibration is complete?

The S1A offers a choice of 4 excitation frequencies, 8 analog DC outputs (6 DC voltage and 2 current loop outputs) and RS-485 digital communications. Ideal applications for the S1A module include turbine control systems, steam valve position feedback, and other types of redundant control systems that use LVDT position sensors.

In the event of a failure, a new S1A DIN rail module can be “hot swapped” into an existing installation, with initial calibration data having been saved, then reloaded via the RS-485 port. Standard signal conditioners would require a full calibration. Through the digital communications link, the S1A also can be setup remotely using a computer, which simplifies operations if the unit is already installed on a DIN rail in a cabinet.

For installations where there are multiple position sensors, the S1As can be master/slaved to prevent cross talk between sensor signals. Should a master fail, ordinary signal conditioners will revert back to their own oscillators, opening them to the same cross talk the master/slave configuration was designed to prevent. If the S1A master were to fail, the first slave would become a new master for the other slaves.

Other significant features of the S1A include:

• Color coded plug-in connections
• Self-diagnostics for LVDT winding failures or cable disconnection.
• Detected output errors drive analog outputs out of range, which is especially important for applications using redundant LVDTs
• Extended two year warranty offers value to systems integrators who buy units long before they are put into use

For more information about Alliance Sensors Group or other signal conditioners, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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