Utility equipment: Remote racking solution for GE AK-1-25 low-voltage breakers

Circuit breakers: CBS ArcSafe introduces remote racking solution for GE AK-1-25 low-voltage breakers.

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Utility supplies: CBS ArcSafe® offers the industry’s first remote racking solution with circuit breaker-specific tooling for General Electric’s line of GE AK-1-25 low-voltage power circuit breakers. When used with a CBS ArcSafe RRS-2 configurable remote racking solution for non-rotary racking mechanisms, the GE AK-1-25 tooling allows technicians to remotely rack the breaker IN or OUT from an increased distance while stationed up to 300 feet away, outside of the arc-flash-hazard boundary.

This newly designed tooling is compatible with all GE AK-1-25-style breakers operating on any voltage, with current ratings up to 600A and up to a four-high configuration. These GE AK-1-25 circuit breakers are generally used for protection and control of feeder and branch circuits, including equipment in buildings, industries, and power stations.

Like all CBS ArcSafe remote racking and switching solutions, the RRS-2 GE AK-1-25 racking solution attaches to the enclosure using specially designed magnets that ship with the unit. The tooling is lightweight, portable, and ideal for remote operation in hard-to-access areas. Thanks to CBS ArcSafe’s patented remote racking solution that allows the operator to rack the breaker from up to 300 feet away, the need for hot and bulky personal protective equipment (PPE) is greatly reduced, as is operator fatigue. All CBS ArcSafe® products are manufactured in the U.S. at our manufacturing facility in Denton, TX.

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