Energy meter: Dual Modem G3-PLC Data Concentrator from Ambient

Power measurement: Communications solution uses robust powerline standard on both low and medium voltage lines for metering and more.

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Newton, MA and Amsterdam -- Voltage meter: Ambient Corporation (NASDAQ:AMBT), provider of a secure, flexible, and scalable smart grid communications and applications platform, announced its Ambient Smart Grid Nodes® now have an optional module that features either a single or dual G3-PLC modem for metering and other smart grid applications.

Ambient has adopted the advanced OFDM-based Powerline Communications (PLC) technology to facilitate secure, high-speed, highly-reliable, long-range communication over the existing powerline grid, both low and medium voltage. Two-way communications networks based on G3-PLC will provide electricity network operators with intelligent monitoring and control capabilities. G3-PLC supports true IPv6 addressing.

"We have adopted a PLC technology because it minimizes infrastructure and maintenance costs. It is vitally important to us that it is standards-based to ensure interoperability, and that it can support metering, new distribution switches, sensors, and home area network applications. Equally, there are the security mechanisms in place to protect grid assets, and the robust mode of G3-PLC improves communication under noisy channel conditions and can co-exist with older technologies," said Donald Pollock, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ambient Corporation.

Ambient Corporation helps utilities modernize the grid with IP-based networking products and applications that integrate and connect existing and future grid assets on a secure, flexible, and scalable smart grid communications platform. Ambient's Smart Grid Node family enables real-time data communication for multiple applications, in parallel: smart metering, distributed generation and storage, demand response, and distribution automation.

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