Transmission and distribution: Certa-Com PVC trenchless conduit from CertainTeed

Electrical distribution: CertainTeed responds to growing needs of telecom and electrical utilities with new 8-inch diameter Certa-Com PVC trenchless conduit.

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Valley Forge, PA — Transmission and distribution: CertainTeed Corporation has responded to the needs of the expanding U.S. telecommunications and electrical utility industry by enlarging its Certa-Com Trenchless PVC Conduit product line to include an 8-inch diameter SCH80 restrained-joint PVC pipe offering. This new product, developed in response to customer requests for an easy-to-install and cost effective large diameter trenchless PVC conduit option with clear advantages over fused HDPE pipe, is available in 10- or 20-foot lengths that assemble quickly and do not require costly fusion or solvent welding.

Developed for use in trenchless electrical and telecom duct applications, Certa-Com features the high strength and flexibility needed for horizontal directional drilling installations. Employing CertainTeed’s time and contractor-proven Certa-Lok PVC mechanical pipe joining system, Certa-Com pipe products utilize the combination of precision-machined grooves and nylon splines to provide exceptional tensile strength in pulling or pushing operations. Rounding out the design, a flexible elastomeric seal (O-ring) within the integral bell provides a robust hydraulic seal that deters environmental intrusion.

“With an 8-inch diameter Certa-Com restrained-joint pipe option, we can offer utility contractors the opportunity to steer clear of the hassles and associated installation costs that typically accompany the assembly and installation of large diameter fused underground conduit systems,” says John Coogan, marketing and development manager for CertainTeed’s Pipe Group. “Certa-Com is quickly and easily assembled in 10- or 20-foot lengths while pullback continues, which eliminates costly, time-consuming pipe fusion and the need to string out several hundred feet of conduit within or beyond the work zone. This dramatically streamlines the installation process and can realistically save contractors and project owners considerable time and money.”

Certa-Com 8-inch PVC pipe meets the performance requirements of NEMA TC-2. Certa-Com is also available in 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch diameters that meet all performance requirements related to NEMA TC-2 and UL 651.

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