Cable cutter: Platinum Tools' coax/copper steel cable cutter now shipping

Utility equipment: Platinum Tools’ CCS-6 cable cutter cuts copper cable with steel content without nicking, degrading or deforming the cutting blades.

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Camarillo, CA — Utility supplies: Platinum Tools®, a provider of solutions for the preparation, installation and hand termination of wire and cable, announces the CCS-6 Cable Cutter (part # 10514) is now shipping. It is designed for VDV (Voice, Data, Video) and security installers.

“The Platinum Tools CCS-6 cable cutter is designed to cut copper cable with steel content without nicking, degrading, or deforming the cutting blades,” explained Lee Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and general manager. “Fully tested to 10,000 cuts on RG6 CCS, copper clad steel center conductor with no degradation to the cutting blades, this compact cable cutter also easily cuts through copper and aluminum cable.”

The Platinum Tools CCS-6 cable cutter provides outstanding cutting performance on all types of solid copper wire, twisted pair, and coax cables. Its optimal blade geometry ensures that the cable stays round during the cutting process so connectors are easy to affix to the cable.”

Additional specs of the Platinum Tools CCS-6 Cable Cutter include:
• Comfortable PVC handle grips
• Forged from SCM 440 steel
• Rust resistant black oxide finish
• Lightweight: 7.22 oz (204.8 g)
• Length: 6.3in (162 mm)
• Technical Data: Coax CCS; Battery; Coax; Messenger; CAT5E UTP/STP; Antenna; CAT6 UTP/STP; DBS; CAT6A UTP/STP; Drop; Shipboard; Ground

For more information about Platinum Tools or other cable cutters, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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