Tag stock for label printers is indestructible

Graphic Products introduces industrial-strength DuraTag supplies for DuraLabel printers.

Portland, Ore.—Graphic Products Inc., an industrial label printer and supplier, has introduced virtually indestructible DuraTag tag stock and ribbon supplies to its growing family of 50+ printer supplies for the DuraLabel printer.

Rugged DuraTag Stock is heat-resistant to 200F and is resistant to UV light, moisture, chemical abrasion and tearing. Available in 100-foot rolls and in five colors—yellow, red, green, orange and light blue—DuraTag Stock was created for indoor and outdoor tagging applications where both pliability and toughness are critical. DuraTag Tag Stock easily attaches with standard cable ties to industrial equipment, manufacturing components, facility utilities and pipe marking. Simply punch a hole in the printed tag and attach where needed. Users save time and money because grommets are not necessary. Custom color DuraLabel Tag Stock is also available pre-printed.

Heavy-duty tag stock is used for:
• Circuit breaker tagging,
• Lockout/tag out,
• Cyclone fence signs,
• Pipe marking,
• Valve marking,
• Movable signs,
• OSHA safety signs,
• Work-in-progress tagging,
• Equipment repair tagging, and
• Kanban card tagging.

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