DeviceNet Basics interconnect control training program

New Standard Institute’s DeviceNet Basics examines operations of DeviceNet networks, used to interconnect control devices.


Milford, Conn.—New Standard Institute’s newest product, DeviceNet Basics, provides a look at the operations of DeviceNet networks, commonly used in industry to interconnect control devices designed for data exchange and monitoring. DeviceNet is an open source product managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA).

This computer based training (CBT) program offers a basic framework to anyone working with a DeviceNet network. It covers problem analysis and troubleshooting and explains the different layers of the Control Area Network (CAN) in the DeviceNet system.

DeviceNet Basics features training in dozens of items necessary to operate DeviceNet, including cables, connectors, resistors, power supplies, network grounding and communication between sensors and actuators and higher-level devices including programmable controllers and computers. The program’s animated tutorials and voice over narration work to suit the student’s pace.

This is the latest product released by New Standard Institute for computer-based training. New Standard’s successful Mechanical and Electrical training programs are designed to provide an overview into many different maintenance systems, as well as safety training. These award-winning programs are effective, low-cost, and provide guided tutorials of essential skills knowledge.

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