HazLoc Lantern provides 405 lumen LED worklight

HazLoc Lantern by KH Industries provides intrinsically-safe, rechargeable, LED lantern and area light.


Angola, N.Y.—KH Industries has introduced its new, intrinsically-safe HazLoc Lantern featuring 405 lumen output, 10-hour runtime, and a 340 degree rotating head with 70 degree pivoting angle.

“What differentiates the HazLoc Lantern is that it is cUL Certified for Class I Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D and it provides the user a 405 Lumen LED worklight that can be positioned vertically or horizontally towards the work area. I want our customer’s to clearly understand, this is not a Flashlight!” explains John Herc, vice president of sales and marketing, KH Industries.

“With the HazLoc Lantern, inspection and maintenance professionals can safely trouble-shoot and perform repairs/maintenance with a singular light,” states Herc.

Unique features on the HazLoc LED Rechargeable Lantern include:
(Part number GX3M-BG-16TA)

• Intrinsically safe design, no exposed metal
• Induction charging with no charge contacts
• Water resistant materials, lantern is buoyant
• 10 hour run time
• Luxeon Rebel ES LEDs: 405-lumens
• Versatility in use: 340 degree rotating head with 70 degree pivoting angle

Certified and Listed for: Class 1 Division I, Groups A, B, C & D, Class II , Groups E, F & G, Class III, T4, cUL Listed, and UL 913 Certified this hand held lantern features a shatterproof design comprised of High Impact ABS, an Unbreakable Lexan lens surrounded by a molded rubber bumper to absorb shock.

Typical applications for the HazLoc LED Rechargeable Lantern are underground utility maintenance, gas and pipeline inspection and maintenance, refineries, oil rigs and off shore drilling, hazardous material manufacturing and storage, emergency response and aircraft/helicopter maintenance.

“Safety, portability, and the reliability of 10-hours of bright and continuous light output make the HazLoc Lantern an indispensible inspection and work light that all maintenance/repair professionals should have by their side. With the HazLoc Lantern they can safely perform inspections and maintenance work with a singular light,” explains Herc.

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