Cable tray installation simplified

ERICO’s cable tray solutions are for a wide variety installation applications, and they are suited to help save time and money on the jobsite.

cable tray installation
cable tray installation

Solon, Ohio—Cable tray solutions from ERICO are for a wide variety of commercial and industrial installation applications, and they are suited to help save time and money on the jobsite.

CADDY ROD LOCK is a push-to-install threaded rod mounting system that can help reduce the installation time of threaded rod by up to 52 percent compared to conventional fasteners. The system includes a beam clamp, channel nut, anchor screw and SN Series nut.

With the KBT wire basket tray clip, no tools or hardware are needed to quickly and easily attach wire basket tray to strut. Simply place the basket tray on top of the strut, position the KBT clip over the tray at the desired position, squeeze the clip and slide it in place. Fits tray wires from 3/16" (4 mm) to 5/16" (8 mm).

CADDY SPEED LINK is a cost-effective alternative to using jack chain, threaded rod or associated hardware to support cable tray. Works with a variety of CADDY products and allows adjustment of cable tray systems during and after installation.

CADDY PYRAMID ST Series fixed or adjustable-height strut supports utilize an engineered thermoplastic base and offer excellent load distribution to support cable tray systems in rooftop applications. They feature unique designs to help protect the roof membrane from damage caused by concentrated pressure.

ISSP375 strut plates are ideal for retrofitting a section of strut within an existing trapeze. Only a wrench is required for installation. The system minimizes installation time and eliminates the need for additional structure fasteners and drop rods.

These fasteners help simplify the installation of cable tray for a variety of cable support applications. They utilize innovative designs, are easy to install and help contribute to low total installed costs - providing you with a competitive edge on projects with cable support applications.

For more information about ERICO or other cable tray solutions, click here to go to Utility Products' Buyers Guide.

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